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Petsicles Combo

Petsicles Combo


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How do you feel about petsicles, meatsack? For ‘em or against ‘em? Do you like munching on some sweet pet head on a hot summer’s day? Do you enjoy the convenience of eating some skull, protein, and fur off of a nice handy and hearty stick? Or, do you like TO MAKE MY ZAPPLES SO ANGRY MOTHER!?! Do you want to enjoy a delicious and nutritious pet-head on-a-stick snack, or, DO YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOUR WINDPIPE, MOTHER!?! This shirt and sticker are made from 100% Next Level cotton and also made from 101% imported pet pussy since so many pets have to be killed to make the ‘sicles anyway AND the pussy is the softest part of a pet (MOTHER told us that!), and we always have maximum comfort in mind. Another super weird, super dark product for the Timesuck store. If you keep buying them, we’re gonna keep making them until the Westboro Baptist Church shuts this whole crazy shit-storm down. 


** 4 and 5x have no pocket