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Creature Cups

Creature Cups


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( Only $27.99 for Space Lizards! )


Just in time for summer, we’re selling a limited edition pint glass set featuring four 16 ounce glasses, each printed with an Axis Apparel Co. designed original Timesuck insect or animal.

The deadly head eating Hombre Asesino [ass uh see no] ant!

The poisonous eyelid lifting Roanoke Recluse!

The pesky North American Land Crab capable of flying short distances like a small helicopter,

& the original - the West Caribbean Sea Chicken living underwater just off the Florida Coast!


$35 for the set - same price as the last limited edition pint glass set that sold out fast. These glasses are perfect for making the miracle elixir known as ORMUS. You don’t even have to infuse them with positive energy. Each glass is already pre-infused with 300% pure, positive energy. Grab a set today and raise them high when you toast, “Long Live the Suck!” 


*Hand wash only*