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Official Cult Robe

Official Cult Robe


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$95.99 with Space Lizards Discount!



Cult Robes Have Finally Arrived!

**This sale will only remain open for 48 hours or until we sell 100 units.
**Please order the robe only! Any items added won't ship until your robe does. 
Only 100 units will be available this first round, and we need to sell all of them to make it worth it! If we don’t sell 100 in the first 48 hours we will submit refunds to everyone that has purchased and table the robe talk until the Gathering 2020. Preorder for these have a 2-week turnaround, so everyone would have them in time for Halloween parties!
These robes are legit cult robes. Not cheap pop-up, Spirit Halloween store robes.
They’re made out of sturdy 100% cotton canvas, handmade in India. Overall Length: 55 Inches (Shoulder to Hem) Shoulder Width: 22 Inches Hood Height: 15 Inches Hood Depth: 13.25 Inches 10” ironed-on Cult patch on the back. All Robes are made out of 50% pure Nimrod’s Will and 50% pure Lucifina’s Desire. Check this out and grab one quick if it’s something you really want. One way or another, they will NOT stay in the store too long. Too much of a speciality item to eat up our monthly merch budget and just sit in the store. Is Nimrod’s Will for our cult to move up to “ROBE LEVEL?!”
** If these sell, it is the plant to release a really cool medallion and collectable iron on patches to load up your robes!
We’ll all know soon.

Hail Nimrod!