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Dan Cummins Greeting Card Set

Dan Cummins Greeting Card Set


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***Set Of 8***

 FINALLY! Over a decade after first writing some of these jokes, the first wave of Dan’s greeting cards are available for purchase. The Illuminati might still be keeping these off of store shelves but they can’t keep them out of the Timesuck store! One pack of  cards contains eight separate occasions - Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Hanukkah, Happy New Year, Congrats on your new baby, Secretary’s Day, and Veteran’s Day. Buy enough of these, and another set will be made and new jokes will be written! Spread some holiday jeer. Cards are “craft fair” size and Nimrod is pleased with all of them. Cards made out of ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls that supposedly revealed the answers to all of life’s secrets or some shit that wasn’t as important as these greeting card jokes.