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Meatsacks Crew Home

Meatsacks Crew Home


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The first generation Meatsack sweatshirt is HERE.  It’s an Alternative (Lynze’s FAV sweatshirt brand) Vintage French Terry style sweatshirt. A meatsack uniform to face the world in. Represent the TImesuck home team in whatever world or galaxy you’re in. So cozy. So soft!  It’s a 50/50 Cotton/poly blend. It’s also a 100/100 imported manatee nutsack/domestic mongoose vagina blend. Why? Because those were the only soft, illegal animal parts available from our illegal animal part sales contact. Also - might want to size up if you like your sweatshirt to fit a bit baggier - Alternative is more of an athletic fit. Finally, they only run to 2X in Alternative so Gildan will be used for 3X-5X. Stay cozy and hail Nimrod!