Oregon Trail Tee

Oregon Trail Tee


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( $20 for Space Lizards! )

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The Gen 10 shirt Oregon Trail T-shirt is in stock. Go forth! Seek truth! Another Allmade Unisex heathered TriBlend beauty. Space Black. Black woven label. It’s epic. Just LOOK AT IT! Another mix of old and new fabrics. 2/3 domestic unicorn scrotum, 4/3 imported gerbil treated koala anus, and 7/5 American cocker spaniel skin. It’s soft, dark, and ready to hit the trail!


* The polyester in the Allmade tri-blend shirt comes from recycled plastic water bottles - each shirt contains the equivalent of six bottles! The cotton is organic, non-GMO, and grown in the USA. The third component is the TENCEL™ Modal (secret to their softness) made from sustainably harvested beech trees in certified European forests. Materials are sourced in the US, shipped to Haiti to be sewn into shirts by workers paid 3-4x the going rate and made in facilities whose profits are donated to Haitian orphans, and then shipped back and sold in the US. Timesuck chose Allmade so that you could support and help others in need while getting some sweet threads for yourself. HAIL NIMROD!