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Pootie And Juju Tee

Pootie And Juju Tee


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** $19.99 for Space Lizards ** 

Pootie and Juju fan art! Yay!
Some of you may remember participating in a 2 minute sketch challenge in the Cult of The Curious Facebook Group. Well...

Over twenty different fan renditions of what those weird, lovable little ding-a-lings might look like, all on the same tee-shirt (made out of 100% cotton AND 300% pure, “Zip it Juju!, Too little, too diddle, Pootie!,” friendship and love.) All shirts are ALSO made out of 43% porcupine dick to keep them from being TOO soft and sentimental. Domestic, free-range porcupine dick. ONLY THE BEST!