Sweet Suck Onesie

Sweet Suck Onesie


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I have some important questions for you. Do you have a baby or know of a baby or upcoming baby that may or does Suck?  
Another small run of a new product this week that people have been asking about for over a year is in the store - a Timesuck onesie for baby suckers. Not even joking. Why not!?! 
The limited run of A-Hole Air Banjo Academy shirts by the way sold out last Tuesday. But now we have a few onesies in the store. The first Timesuck “Gimme That Sweet Suck!” 100% Cotton, 200% baby-butt onesie. Even babies know that some of the softest material on Earth is a baby’s butt. That’s why we’re making this onesie out of nothing but cotton AND also nothing but domestic baby-butt. Don’t think about it too hard or it gets so, so, SO very sad. Just focus on your baby wearing someone else’s baby’s soft ass baby-butt! Actually, don’t focus on that either. That’s sadder. Just focus on your sweet little one wearing some sweet suck while you listen to it. Yeah, that feels right.  
6 month, 12 month, and 18 month sizes available while supplies last.