Daddy Bear Book (autographed)

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Hey Timesuckers! Finally, a book for you to read to your sweet children at night to send them off to a sweet dream filled slumberland...
Yeah, right. Get the fuck out of here! 
Daddy Bear is NOT a kid's book. It's a kid's book for adults. It’s a dark, comedic attack on the American status quo; Daddy Bear mocks the power of positive thinking, the cost of higher education, absurd religious beliefs and so much more. And this twisted yet honest world is subversively brought to life by the incredible illustrations of Bryan Smith. And, it’s autographed especially for the Timesuck family! So suck on some Daddy Bear today. Fun Fact! - Each time you buy this signed book a spoiled, petulant brat gets beaten with a stick.

Free Timesuck sticker pack with every purchase. Five free awesome Timesucker stickers! Each made out of 110% Grizzly Bear foreskin for extra durability/stickiness.