Chikatilo Summer Camp Set

Chikatilo Summer Camp Set

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The  limited edition Chikatilo Wrasslin’ Academy  summer camp kit is here! Only 500 have been made and when they’re gone, they are gone!

It's the most awesome (and fucked up) Timesuck gear ever created by Danger Brain. Each kit contains a grey Chikatilo Wrasslin’ Academy shirt made out of 250% flaccid penis skin. From what animal you ponder? My fabric contact won’t tell me. But it’s so soft yo won’t even care. You’ll be too happy definitely wearing flaccid penis skin from some kind of mammal.  

AND, you get a black, drawstring Making Soft Men Hard camp backpack. We’ve taken it that far. And then farther!  You also get a black and white always limp camp water bottle. It’s the limpest water bottle on the market.  What is big deal!?!

Finally - you get an official Chikatilo Summer Camp wrist band. Why a wrist band? Because you don’t want to hurt yourself  jerking so much soft shame cock! Use for safety AND for easy clean up.

Summer Camp Set Includes:

  • Forever Limp Water Bottle
  • ONE Wrist Band
  • Limited Edition T-shirt
  • Drawstring Back Pack

Collection only, items not sold separately. Limited one-time run.

Please allow 24-48 business hours for order processing