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Dan & Lynze Pin Set

Dan & Lynze Pin Set

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Three new special limited edition pin sets are here! For the Suckers who just love love, or love Queen of the Suck Lynze and the Suck Master, there is a set of Lynze and Dan faces!

There’s a Richard Ramirez set for our serial killer enthusiasts. Hail Lucifina! His infamous pentagram on the hand photo has been replaced with a heart. He loves love now!

And for those flying solo in the romance department, there’s Michael Motherfuckin’ McDonald to keep your heart warm. All pins are enamel, rubber-backed pins for more comfort and better holding power. Similar to Disney pins. All pins are made out of 100% monoatomic gold. And 100% Moon Matrix Quartz receptors. AND 100% Suck Master Meat Sack love particles.