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Dan's Nana Cart

Dan's Nana Cart

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The Dan's banana shirt is here. Of course it is. The joke that will not die. It looks so sweet but you'll know it's oh so deviant. Each shirt also comes with a roll of 15 banana stickers. The next time you’re at the grocery store, PLEASE swap out a Chiquita sticker or two with a Danquita sticker and hashtag it with #fruitsex (or #sexfruit). This way, we can find it in the wild and laugh our silly fucking asses off. Or sit back with a glass of Ormus and watch the innocent faces change from general shopping malaise to sheer horror.

We've lost our minds. The Nana Cart shirt is a Axis-designed Bella 100% cotton tee made out of 100% testosterone, 500% clean ween energy, and 1,000% medium - I mean BIG - dick energy. It’s your life - fuck what you want.