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Flat Earth Tour Shirt

Flat Earth Tour Shirt

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 The 2018 Flat Earth Standup Tour shirts are in the store. Why? Well, because a lot of you Timesuckers have come to a standup show, tried to buy a shirt that was supposed to only be sold at live shows, only to find the shirt already sold out. Not cool! You came to a show, you should’ve been able to get that show's shirt. So, now you can! These shirts are for 2018 only. Next year, they will be gone forever. What are these Reese Banke (kick ass artist and Timesucker!) designed masterpieces made of? 217% Madagascar Lemur ball sack. Lemurs have some of the softest ball sack on Earth and, the softest sacks are found in Madagascar, and they’re the softest when the sacks are harvested between November and April, the hot, wet season when those sub-tropical rains really soften up that sack skin. Only the fucking best for you assholes.

Note: these shirts are an athletic fit that seem to run true to size. 
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