Nimrod 2020 Sticker

Nimrod 2020 Sticker


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Nimrod is running for president in 2020 - Hail Nimrod! President of what? Everything! The whole world! He’s a gonna be a great leader. Your glass will always be at least half full with Nimrod. Half full of ORMUS! Babies are getting kissed, cocker spaniels are getting stomped, and the wicked will be punished and wackadoodles made to finally use their brains correctly and think straight with Nimrod in 2020! No more divisions on race or religion or gender or sexual identification. Nimrod is a uniter! And also a scary motherfucker to help keep us meat sacks a little afraid and always in line. (Not sure how Lucifina feels about him running. We’ll see if there’s a call for her to jump in the race?) So get your 1000% unicorn heart white Nimrod 2020 t-shirt now. Get that Nimrod button! Get that Nimrod 2020 campaign sticker! Why? Because it’s fucking hilarious and it will confuse the shit out of so many people. So vote for open discourse! Vote for reason! Vote for fun! Vote for never-ending curiosity! Vote for always trying to be your best self! Out with the old and in with a GOD - it’s NIMROD in 2020!  

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